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What is a Hosted
VoIP Phone?

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP (internet protocol). It's a telecommunications solution for transferring voice data quickly across the internet. So, it essentially offers the usual business phone system services, but is delivered via the internet unlike traditional landline phones.

VoIP works by converting the voice signal from a telephone into a digital signal that travels over the IP network, then converts it back at the other end. Now widely accepted, VoIP technology is being rapidly deployed and is now a core part of all new telephone systems.

Future Voice for Business

Our Future Voice for Business product is where the 'hosted' element comes into play.

Trunk Networks is partnered with and sells 3CX VoIP phone systems. Typically, we host the 3CX on our own cloud platform, but theoretically, 3CX can be hosted anywhere.

Our Future Voice for Business product is designed to take away the pain of running and hosting your own 3CX. We host the server, set the phone system up, and fully support and maintain it. This includes maintaining the telephones at our customer sites and supporting any changes.

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Trunk's Hosted VoIP Advantages


With a hosted VoIP phone system, it's easy to add or remove employees, move phones around or make calls remotely, and adjust features such as hold music, voice messages, and more.


VoIP allows your business to integrate email, browsers, instant messaging, call recording, and more with ultimate ease, since your entire system is hosted online.


Despite the fact that VoIP is the more attractive and effective option, it still works out cheaper than older phone systems! (No brainer, right?) If you couple your VoIP system with one of our full fibre broadband packages, you can save even more.


Since Trunk Networks is responsible for hosting your VoIP, you don't have to worry about maintenance if something goes wrong. Plus, most issues can be fixed remotely and quickly. Plus, our friendly, local team is always waiting at the end of the phone – we won't keep you waiting.

VoIP Business
Phone Pricing

Future Voice for Business

Hosted VoIP phone

Per month

  • Unlimited minutes to standard UK landline
  • Unlimited mobile calls to numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03, and 07.
  • DDI (direct-dial-in)
  • No set-up fee
  • 12-month contract

Sample Call Rates

UK Local 01/02 0.7p 0.7p Yes
UK Local 03 2.1p 2.1p Yes
UK Mobile (EE/02/Voda/Three) 1.9p 1.9p Yes
Sydney, Australia 2.6p 2.6p Yes
Paris Central, France 0.7p 0.7p Yes
Germany 0.8p 0.8p Yes
Brussels, Belgium 2.6p 2.6p Yes
New York, USA 1.8p 1.8p Yes
Madrid, Spain 1.1p 1.1p Yes
Milan, Italy 1p 1p Yes

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