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Next Generation Firewalling

Sonic Wall

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whether in your home or in the cloud, SonicWall next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provide the security, control and visibility you need to maintain an effective cybersecurity posture. SonicWall’s award-winning hardware and advanced technology are built into each firewall to give you the edge on evolving threats. With solutions designed for networks of all sizes, SonicWall firewalls are designed to meet your specific security and usability needs, all at a cost that will protect your budget while securing your network.

SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) gives you everything you need for comprehensive firewall management.

  • Onboard and manage dozens or hundreds of firewalls centrally from one interface.
  • Deploy and administer firewalls remotely with Zero-Touch Deployment.
  • Simplify set-up with configuration wizards.
  • Identify and remedy security risks through detailed analytics and intuitive dashboards.
  • Quickly and easily deploy new firewalls using custom configuration templates.
  • Federate security policies globally.
  • Automate audit-ready reporting.

Sonic Wall

Endpoint Management

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft EndPoint Manager gives your business complete visibility on its Windows 10 assets. Secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and devices without interruption to existing processes.

Cloud Security across endpoints protects devices against threats using Microsoft Zero Trust technology with unique capabilities.

Comprehensive Windows 10 management simplifies automated provisioining, configuration management, and software updates to all endpoints.

  • Support a diversebring-your-own-devices (BYOD) ecosystem.
  • Securely access corporate resources through continuous assessment and intent-based policies.
  • Protect work data with or without device enrollment.
  • Onboard, manage, and report on encryption, antivirus, firewall, and other technologies to protect work data.
  • Keep well-established processes for deploying, managing, and updating PC's in your environment using Configuration Manager and take advantage of the powerful Microsoft cloud with Intune for security and modern provisioning

Antivirus & Endpoint Security

Antivirus & Endpoint Security

Get the level of protection that's right for your businessProtect your company endpoints, business data and users with ESET's multilayered technology. ESET PROTECT platform offers customisable security solutions, easy to manage from a cloud console.

  • Security Management - Remote management available as Cloud or on-prem.
  • Endpoint Protection - Advanced multiplayered protection for computers, smartphones, and virtual machines.
  • File Server Security - Real-time protection for your company's data passing through all general servers.
  • Full Disk Encryption - Robust Encryption Solution for system disks, partitions or entire devices to ensure legal compliance
  • Cloud Sandbox - Proactive protection against zero-day threats, that analyses suspicious samples in an isolated Cloud sandbox environment.
  • Mail Security - Blocks all spam and malware at server level, before they reach users' mailboxes.
  • Cloud App Protection - Advanced preventive protection for your Microsoft 365 Cloud email and storage. With a dedicated console.

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