Does your I.T. business / MSP resell broadband?

Why not consider partnering with Trunk Networks to resell our Amazing fibre broadband. We are an established ISP who continually invests in our core network to provide our customers and partners an unrivalled broadband service.

We have never, and will never run a congested network. Have a look at “Our Commitment to You”

In early 2020 we are releasing a web based widget.

As a partner, you will be able to drop this simple widget in to your site and give your prospective customers the ability to check which fibre broadband products are available to them and place a live broadband order, directly from your web site.

From your reseller portal you will have

  • Complete visibility on all of your broadband customers
  • Basic troubleshooting (line tests etc)
  • Live graph data from the LNS’s
  • Ability to kill sessions
With Trunk Networks our resellers get

  • Great margins
  • A competitive edge with their own broadband checker / ordering widget
  • White labelled
  • No minimum orders

Screenshots for the online ordering widget

Your prospective customer can input their pstn line number (if they have one) or input their postcode.

A range of products is then presented with prices based on your selling prices (the prices shown are not reflective of any real prices as are for illustration purposes only). Simply clicking the plus sign next to the product adds the product to the basket.

Your prospective customer can then create a login so that they can manage their journey and track their order. The url is for illustration purposes and would be a fqdn resolving to your reseller portal)

Payment would be taken at this stage. This is your business taking the payment. We automatically set you up with your own Stripe account (additional gateway integration available).

Review your order and place your order

If you’re interested in reselling Trunk Networks connectivity solutions, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.