Multi Protocol Label Switching – MPLS is a flexible, resilient and cost-effective  service that provides private connectivity between two or more geographically dispersed locations. Seamless connectivity is switched through our own resilient network assuring high quality performance, security, scalability and interoperability. MPLS also provides the convergence of voice, video & data.

The use of MPLS optimises connectivity and provides an inexpensive fresh technology for businesses that are expanding, need extra resilience or just need a private network between locations.  Unlike traditional firewall based VPNs, MPLS does not need a firewall at every site which reduces cost and complexity in branches as well as ensuring that every site is able to make full use of their available data connection.

Trunk Networks MPLS can be used in conjunction with our leased line, FTTC or ADSL connections. It is backed by Service Level Agreements and we deliver transparent, centralised monitoring of your entire network to ensure service continuity for our customers.