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Connected at 100Gb across our Core

The network is the medium that enables us to deliver all of our services. We own and operate our own network which gives us complete end-to-end control over how and where traffic is routed.

We use the latest Extreme routers and switches to run our powerful network and we have massive capacity with 100Gb across all of our core and 100Gb/s backbone links. This ensures that no matter what your requirements; from financial transactions in the City to gaming at home, we can deliver your data at full speed and with low latency.

We have extensive peering agreements with other networks globally and are a LINX connection partner. We are members of Ripe and Nominet and also peer at LONAP, LINX Manchester, France-IX, AMS-IX.


Our Network

Network Map


Trunk MPLS

Trunk Networks MPLS can deliver your business a converged private network. This is ideal for things like voice traffic between office locations.

In traditional network environments you would have a "Head Office" with branches connecting in over VPN's.

A Trunk Networks MPLS solution removes Head Office as a single point of failure and delivers a secure private network between offices, switched through our resilient network.

New office(s) can be brought on line with ease and MPLS can be delivered over many types of connection, ADSL, FTTC, FTTP, Leased Lines. We can also deliver 4G connections in to our MPLS network.

MPLS Network

Trunk Networks MPLS removes your existing Head Office as a single point of failure and removes the administration overhead of having to manage firewalls at each office site.

Using Trunk Networks connectivity solutions we can deliver automatic failover to your office connections. We offer a 100% SLA backed guarantee for our failover service.

We can also provide transparent, centralised monitoring of your entire network 24/7/365.

Other IP Services



Leased Lines are Symmetric. This means the upload speeds are the same as the download speeds.

- Interxion (London 1 & 2)
- Telecity Harbour Exchange
- Telecity Meridian Gate
- Telecity Sovereign House
- Telehouse East
- Telehouse North
- Telehouse West


Network Monitoring

We use PRTG Network Monitor for a growing number of clients.

- Monitor the traffic on your network devices with SNMP
- Supports flow protocols such as Netflow, IPFIX, jFLow, and sFlow and packet sniffing
- Monitors open and closed ports
- Monitors bandwidth and traffic
- Monitors connections using UDP and TCP
- Built-in and fully customisable alarm. alerting system via PRTG app and desktop monitor

IP Transit

IP Transit

We are able to supply high quality, low latency IP transit across our network to businesses and ISPs based in those locations.

We are LINX connection partners which enables clients in Manchester to connect to LINX peering LAN’s enabling them to take advantage of peering services.

We have connections to no less than 3 Tier 1 networks and peer at LINX, LINX Manchester, and LoNAP.

We operate a 99.99% network service level agreement and we are very happy to sign low bandwidth commit agreements for smaller networks.

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