Business phone telephony delivered via your internet connection. The perfect solution for a growing small business.

VoIP is the future of telephony

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP ( internet protocol) and is a telecommunications solution for transferring voice data quickly across the Internet.  VoIP converts the voice signal from a telephone into a digital signal that travels over the IP Network, then converts it back at the other end. Now widely accepted, VoIP technology is being rapidly deployed and is now a core part of all new telephone systems.

The Benefits of VoIP

  • VoIP eliminates the need to purchase an expensive telephone system, as well as the on going maintenance and operational costs.
  • Call costs are lower.
  • Staff within your business can phone each other for free using your VoIP network nationally & internationally –  Where ever they may be!
  • All calls between branches are free
  • If you install a suitable client, all calls between employee’s mobiles can be free when made over VoIP

Our VoIP service is easy to set up and very straightforward to operate . Either we can host your VoIP or we can provide you with a VoIP phone system that can be customised and controlled by yourself.

Trunk Networks VoIP system gives you a range of features:

  • Call forwarding – sending a call to any one on your VoIP Platform, mobile, locally & internationally.
  • Call Recording – Incoming & Outcoming
  • Voice Mail – Customisation of personal voice mails & message forwarding to e-mails.
  • Conferencing – between branches and remote workers.
  • Directional Reception – Recorded message to greet & direct customers.
  • Hold Music Customisation – can include promotional messages.


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