Reliability & Security

Security is at the heart of our platform. We secure your data in many different ways. From our 24/7 manned Data Centres to electronic security. Your data is encrypted at rest on our disks and is secured on the wire with the same encryption technology used by your bank.

The design of the Hosted platform sits tightly alongside the network design to ensure that the platform delivers. For example the multi homed (dual network card) servers are plugged in to physically sperate network switches. The Tintri storage servers are multi homed and again plug in to different switches so that if one switch fails the entire platform isnt compromised. If one of the servers fails the rest of the platform isnt compromised. If one of the Firewalls fails, or one of the core routers fail the rest of the platform is not impacted.

Our data centres are secure UK based Tier 3 data centres but secure access to the hosted desktop is just as important.

Access to Trunk Cloud Hosted desktops is via a web page protected in the same way as your online banking site (SSL). There’s lots more going on behind the scenes in terms of load balancers, authentication proxy servers, firewalls, and lots more technical wizardry to tie everything together. We dont just rely on a username and password to access the hosted desktops. We use  Two-Factor authentication. This requires you to enter your username / password and then authenticate again either by:

By ringing your phone
By One Time Passcode (OTP)


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