OnBoarding Process

We will work with your business to ensure a smooth transition to Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop and we do all of this for FREE!

So you’ve decided to move to a Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop. Congratulations! You are joining the many other businesses who have identified that a Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop solution provides their business with:

  • Increased mobility: work from any location, at any time and access the same familiar desktop.
  • Increased business agility: Flex services up or down as your business dictates
  • Robust DR solution: If your office is unavailable you can ask your staff to work from home or from a temporary office. As long as you have access to the internet you have access to Trunk Cloud Hosted Desktop.
  • Reduced desktop cost: Extend the lifecycle of your existing desktop PC’s.
  • Reduce support costs: All inclusive remote support for not only your hosted desktop but your business I.T. as a whole
  • Remove server CapEx costs: No need to buy any server hardware or worry about backing the server up.

We make migrating to Trunk as painless as possible.

  • Having identified what needs migrating, files, folders, databases etc and having determined your internet speed we may courier you an external hard disk to copy your data to which we will then have delivered to the data centre.
  • We will agree a live day and ensure that we take a final copy of any changed files.
  • We do our migration magic in the background ready for your staff to log on.
  • Your staff will know they are logging in to a “new” desktop but they will be able to access their files / folders / email etc in the same way they did from their PC’s
  • On the go live day, and depending on your requirements, size of your business, number of branches etc, we can have staff on site to ensure a smooth transition. (On site engineers are chargeable but at a very reasonable and greatly discounted rate)


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