Our dedicated servers give you the control and reliability you need for your internet presence with the cost benefits.

If you have not got the expertise or time to run your own server, Trunk Networks can give you a helping hand. With our Trunk Co-Location option we can help you run it meaning whatever your skill level a UK dedicated server needs not be daunting experience.

Part Managed Colocation
Our partially managed colocation solutions are ideal for customers who have their own support team but are not located near to our facilities. A basic partially managed solution includes:

• Assistance planning your rack layout and network topology
• Rack preperation and cabling
• Receiving, Racking and a burn in test on your devices
• Initial Configuration of your devices (including OS installation)
• Monitoring of your devices with proactive response
• Holding spare components on site and swapping these out in the event of a failure.

Managed colocation 
Adds an application layer management to our partially managed colocation service. Example include:

• Configuration of your devices at an application layer to your requirements
• Security Audit and hardening
• Solution certification to PCI DSS standards
• Ongoing patching and maintenance
• Troubleshooting of server configurations
• Secheduled tasks

If you would like further information please contact us on 03333 44 33 22 and we will be able to provide you with a solution designed around your requirements.

Additional Services

Trunk Networks is able to offer a wide range of value add services for our colocation clients. Some examples include: Managed Colocation, Shared Firewall and Load Balancers, Physical Hardware Migration, Solution Design, Network Design, Support Contract, Hardware Purchase etc.