What is the “Cloud?”

In simple terms “Cloud” is a metaphor for the Internet and the Internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks, attached to which are lots of servers all “serving” different things, some serve email, some serve web pages, some serve databases etc. If your business has a web site then you are already using the “Cloud”

You may well have decided that instead of buying Microsoft Office for a few hundred pounds that you would rather pay for it on a monthly basis. This would more than likely mean that you have an Office 365 subscription which provides you with the latest Office software. This is an example of a “Cloud” service

Trunk Networks has a redundant, private Cloud platform that spans multiple data centres. We can deliver your business Cloud solutions on our platform, or on a public Cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a hybrid mix of private and public Cloud.

What sort of Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions have grown because the network has grown. Your business Internet is (or should be – if it isn’t please come and talk to us) faster than its ever been, more stable than its ever been, and more redundant than its ever been. A fast and stable internet connection means that your business can take advantage of Cloud based solutions.

We help businesses evaluate their existing on premise I.T. infrastructure with a view to seeing how they can benefit from Cloud based solutions.

Some very brief examples are:

  1. Moving on premise Exchange platform to the Cloud either as a Hosted Exchange solution or a migration to Office365.
  2. Replacing a on premise phone system with a Cloud based VoIP solution.
  3. Moving on premise file sharing to the Cloud
Access your desktop and applications on any device, from any location

Trunk Hosted Desktop infrastructure enables your users to access their desktop and business applications from any internet enabled computer from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Our Hosted Desktop is built on Microsoft Windows 2016 and Citrix XenApp and is accessed via Netscaler Secure Gateway with Two Factor Authentication.

The benefits of a Hosted Desktop are:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Longer cycle between hardware changes. Hosted Desktop doesn’t require powerful devices, allowing your business to get more from hardware purchases
  • Time and Energy to focus on running your business rather than worrying about I.T.
  • Simplifies opening new branch offices / makes office moves very simple.