Fibre Broadband

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • From £33.33 inc phone line
  • Free WiFi Router
  • 12 Month Contract

Fibre Broadband

FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet)

This involves running fibre from the local telephone exchange to green street cabinets. The connection from the cabinet to your home or office is via traditional copper cable. Because the copper run is much shorter than traditional ADSL (where the copper goes from your home or office back to the exchange) you can get much faster speeds (up to 80Mb down and up to 20Mb up)

FTTP (Fibre to the premises or fibre to the home)

The difference between FTTC and FTTP is that there is no copper involved in the delivery of your broadband. Fibre is run from the exchange straight to your home /office. This means that at the moment you can achieve 330Mb download speeds and 50Mb up. It is expected that 1Gbps (1000Mbps) will be available soon. FTTP is only available to a small percentage of the population. As it stands FTTP is available to a tiny portion of the country. If you live / work in a FTTC enabled area you can’t get FTTP. Your only option is FTTPoD. The other issue with FTTP is that BT will only provide this service if there is already fibre in your road.

FTTPoD (FTTP on Demand)

If you currently live / work in a FTTP enabled area and want greater speeds than you can receive with FTTP you have an option to have FTTPoD. The problem with FTTPoD is that it is expensive as BT Openreach will charge to run fibre from your home / office to the nearest aggregation point. This is normally a major junction in the local fibre network and will normally server multiple green fibre cabinets. The minimum install is £1500 but this is subject to survey and could increase the cost by thousands of pounds.



FTTC Broadband Packages

Fibre Broadband 40Fibre Broadband 80
Download Speeds *40Mbps*80 Mbps*
Pre-Configured RouterYesYes
Static IP IncludedYesYes
Upload Speeds*10Mbps*20Mbps*
Usage LimitUnlimitedUnlimited

* Broadband speed will vary depending on the distance to the local street cabinet. All of our services are supplied at the fastest speed that your line will support and anyone wanting to know a predicted speed for their service should contact us and / or use the BT checker below.