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Who is Trunk

Formed in 2008, Trunk Networks is the result of the merger of two businesses. One was a virtual ISP, and the other was providing hosted cloud desktops and IT support services.

We believed then, as we do now, that because of advances in connectivity, businesses would be able to utilise data centres - like ours - to boost their performance. They could either extend the workloads on their private network to the data centre, or move their physical servers from 'on-premise' to the data centre. All in all, these solutions could save businesses huge amounts of time and money, which was a concept that really excited us.

Utilising services in data centres (either public/private/hybrid) began gaining real ground when the likes of Amazon AWS entered the space and the “Cloud” was born.

We provide solutions to our clients to help them make the most of Cloud based services, whether that be a VoIP solution, hosted desktop (Desktop as a Service), software solutions (Software as a Service), Office 365, Active Directory Integration, and more.

About Trunk

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Our Connectivity

Having complete control over our own network enables us to deliver innovative, and often complex, connectivity solutions. A great network means that we can design and deliver IT solutions that, as well as delivering a good return on investment, enable our clients to be more agile, more productive, and more profitable.

We designed and built our own multi-homed UK-wide network , integrating ethernet fabrics for our cloud platform and MPLS for fast failover throughout our core and metro areas. The network is running on our own dark fibre with our inter-switch links running at 100Gb/s or faster. It has been built with almost limitless expandability in mind.

How Does the Future
Look for Trunk

Trunk Networks has ambitious plans over the next few years.

We have already upgraded our core network to 100Gb/s, and we recently selected CityFibre as a partner to deliver full fibre broadband to the people of Adur & Worthing, Eastbourne, Crawley & Horsham, Brighton & Hove, and Chichester & Arun. As broadband providers, we are now live in Adur, Worthing, Eastbourne, and Crawley delivering full fibre broadband on CityFibre's infrastructure.

Our new consumer broadband provider and Wi-Fi installation business - No One Internet - is the vehicle to deliver these exciting new services. Our gaming broadband Leetline continues to deliver high bandwidth, low latency, low jitter connections to a growing number of online gamers.

Why are we registered as a Scottish company when we are local to Sussex? Funny story...

If you search for 'Trunk Networks' on Companies House, you will see that we are registered as a Scottish Company. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it can cause some confusion when we tell people we're Sussex-based. The story behind this is as follows: one of our Director's relatives is an accountant in Scotland, and when we started Trunk Networks, we asked them to register our business. Yep, you guessed it – being a Scottish accountant, he duly sent the company registration forms off to Edinburgh, as you would expect. The rest is history!

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