Workspace 365

Control all your work from one central starting point

Email, documents and business all accessible from a single pane of glass. This is possible with Workspace 365. By integrating apps in the workspace you’ll be able to log in once and open any app, both web- and local apps, with one click. Workspace 365 adds a intuitive user-interface that gives more structure and simplicity to technologies like Office 365 or Exchange & SharePoint. Besides, the user-interface will always stay the same for users, regardless of the underlying technology -for example, switching from Hosted Exchange to Office 365-.

Legacy Windows Applications

You don’t have to go to the cloud all at once. There are companies who still need, for example, legacy Windows applications. Therefore we give you the opportunity to open these local or remote apps from your Workspace. This makes Workspace 365 a hybrid workspace for each type of employee. You may have some applications that aren’t web based that we can deliver via Citrix as Hosted Applications