Software Integration

No app is an island - we can help your disparate systems work together

Whilst  individual systems and apps can provide great value for your business, their real value can be unleashed by enabling them to work together. Our team of software engineers are experienced in helping both our own apps to communicate with third parties as well as providing intermediaries for third party apps to talk to each other.

Integration of apps can provide a number of key advantages to your business:

  • Improved accuracy over manually re-keying information
  • Greatly reduced administrative costs
  • Enabling long-established systems critical to your business to accept data from more recent apps

Our team have recently worked on the following integration features:

  • Enabling ERP software to post customer invoices and purchase information to accounts software
  • Enabling secure access from staff portal to third party payroll system for staff members
  • Created a modern web-based self-service portal to interface with legacy recruitment software
  • Allow third party airfreight General Sales Agent systems to post requests for space directly into airline booking systems

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