Backup & Recovery

Protect your business with secure data backup

Your business data is your most valuable asset and essential to your business continuity.  If you are unfortunate to suffer from  theft, fire, flood and or technical issues then your data is at risk. Even a day’s worth of data lose can have devastating consequences to your business both financially and your productivity.  Trunk Networks backup and recovery solutions are designed with customers to ensure data is always available.

Disaster recovery plans are designed for a business individually but normally include:

  • Frequent backups of critical data and records
  • Secure storage at a remote location

Traditional backup methods such as external hard drives, tape drives, and NAS drives  are effective but they do require on going maintenance as well as financial outlay. A cost effective, stress free alternative for this would be to use Trunk’s Cloud Backup and Recovery Service.

Trunk Networks Cloud Backup & Recovery splits the data to two geographically separate locations on high availability servers on our network to ensure risk-free availability.

Ensure your services & production can continue rapidly, anytime, anywhere.

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