Data Centre Service

Scalability, Security and Availability

Colocation in state of the art data centres

Secure and cost effective, our solutions cater for your specific needs and budget. We have our own premium data centre facilities, interconnected by our own world-class networking and security solutions with global reach. We own and maintain our networks to deliver reliability and performance to the highest standards.

We design, build and deliver data centre solutions that meet our customer needs, offering space charged by the Amp or kW. All of our data centres are interconnected by high-speed, low-latency network capacity with access to multiple IP carriers.

Why outsource your data centre

As businesses grow, building and maintaining an in-house Data Centre is extremely expensive. So companies look for flexibility and scalable ways  to manage their ICT infrastructures, without compromising on security and reliability.

The cost of management, infrastructure, equipment and maintenance can be reduced dramatically by out sourcing. Companies retain control of their ICT infrastructure while taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology, scalability, security and availability that third party data centres provide. In turn, this gives businesses the scope to focus on their core business operations.

Trunk Networks can offer the flexibility to meet your business objectives, underpinned by guaranteed service levels and a range of support options.

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