Fibre Optic Broadband

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) is ideal for business users who needs high bandwidth at an affordable price

FTTC is a high performance Internet connection and could be a viable alternative for a leased line or Ethernet connection. FTTC is the latest technology advancement of ADSL and will eventually replace the traditional ADSL services we use today.

FTTC still uses existing telephone lines to deliver broadband to your premises but this is connected to a cabinet in the street and then to your local telephone exchange via fibre optic cable. You get a much faster service because the length of your copper phone line is reduced to less than a few hundred meters before the much faster fibre optic cable takes over. The extra bandwidth enables Video conferencing, VoIP and Cloud applications to become a reality, reducing IT support and cutting costs.

It is worth noting currently FTTC is not available everywhere in the UK and it’s speed depends on how far you are away from your local street cabinet. Please ¬†use the availability checker to see if you are able to receive FTTC at this time.



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