ADSL Broadband

ADSL is a well-established technology, it is relatively low in cost and is used for both business and home users.

Our packages are simple . You buy what you use. So the more data you transfer, the more you pay. So if you just spend a few hours a month online, you pay less than others.

If you don’t have broadband already, then you need to pay a connection fee. If you have broadband, you can ‘migrate’ to us for free.

Our connections are subject to just 30 day contracts and you can move up and down our packages depending on your bandwidth needs. Just let us know and we can change you over at the end of your billing month and if you do exceed your pre bought allowance, we will simply charge you for the extra you have used, rounded up to the nearest whole gigabyte (Gb).




Please contact us or call 03333 44 33 22 for more information on ADSL